North Korean Hackers Stealing Bitcoin

Posted by Kyle 8:46 AM (CDT)

Wednesday September 13, 2017

While we try to stay out of politics here on the news page, here is an incredible report that we cannot ignore since we know many of our readers have a lot of money invested in mining cryptocurrency. Beware evil autostart video on this page. The short story is that it is being reported that North Korean hackers are being employed by Kim Jong Un to steal Bitcoin to fund its government. And it is not all chump change either. Now for a video that is totally unrelated and very NSFW.

North Korean hackers are reportedly targeting cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea in an attempt to funnel money to Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship, after a new wave of United Nations sanctions threatens to choke the rogue regime’s cash flow.

"Now, we may be witnessing a second wave of this campaign: state-sponsored actors seeking to steal bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a means of evading sanctions and obtaining hard currencies to fund the regime," the report stated.

Cryptocurrency attacks by North Korea were first detected in 2016, when observers noticed Pyongyang utilizing traditional cyber-spying techniques in an effort to steal millions in virtual currency. In April, four wallets on South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Yapizon were compromised, though FireEye noted it could not find a direct link to North Korea involvement in that incident. Yapizon announced in May it was hacked, losing 3,816 bitcoins – about $5.3 million – on April 22. The company did not disclose who it believed to be the culprit.