Okami HD Coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Posted by Megalith 12:30 PM (CDT)

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Okami HD is coming to the PC and modern consoles on December 12th: you can now play the game in a modern widescreen format, or, if you prefer, the original 4:3 screen ratio. For fans of the original release, the team has brought back the original loading screen mini-game where you can earn bonus demon fangs that can be traded for in-game items.

Rooted in Japanese folklore, Okami has you taking the on the role of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, as she embodies the legendary white wolf Shiranui. Your wolf part can tackle, and use a number of different weapons -- you’re a legendary wolf after all -- while your goddess side brings to the table divine powers of the Celestial Brush, a powerful way to breathe new life to the world around you.