HDR's Promise Is Stunted by Reluctant Developer Support

Posted by Megalith 9:45 AM (CDT)

Tuesday September 12, 2017

PC Gamer spoke with game developers and hardware manufacturers about the emerging color standard: one thing pointed out is that HDR is actually pretty easy to implement, assuming the proper plans are in place early in development. But while rendering may be trivial, the decision to adopt it is much more complicated, especially when you’re an indie dev where cost/benefit is paramount.

The motivation to work with HDR in mind from a game’s pre-production onward will increase as adoption numbers grow and we all sit, ready and salivating, before our HDR-ready monitors. But while triple-A studios like Eidos Montrأ©al and the Sega-backed Amplitude will always be in a position to contemplate new fidelity standards, the conversation must be slightly different for smaller indie teams and one-person studios. Sure, the commercial game engines support HDR output, but can developers working to tight budgets afford the human and resource-based costs Raulin mentioned?