China Mall Introduces "Husband Storage" Pods for Shopping Wives

Posted by Megalith 1:00 PM (CDT)

Sunday July 16, 2017

The Global Harbor mall in Shanghai has introduced "husband storage" facilities for wives to leave their spouse while they shop. Inside each pod is a chair, monitor, computer, and gamepad: men can relax and play retro 1990s games until their significant others are done wasting money. Why didn’t they just set up a large lounge area with comfy seats instead?

"There's no ventilation or air conditioning, I sat playing for five minutes and was drenched in sweat." The pods have been the source of much humor on Chinese social media, and have sparked debate about whether they could be rolled out even wider. One user approves the decision, saying that the pods "give these men an incentive to go shopping, and to pick up the bill" for their wives shopping. But others disagree. "If my husband just wants to go out and play games, what's the point of bringing him out?"