Google’s "Fuchsia" Smartphone OS Dumps Linux, Has a Wild New UI

Posted by Megalith 8:00 AM (CDT)

Tuesday May 09, 2017

We finally have a look at the OS that may one day replace Android. Instead of Linux, Google’s new venture is powered by a microkernel called "Magenta" and utilizes a system UI codenamed "Armadillo," which is expected to provide a much smoother experience than Android. Visually, I don’t think there is anything to get excited about yet, since it merely looks like another card-based interface, but it may be interesting to think about how Google would transition everyone to this new OS.

Fuchsia really seems like a project that asks "how would we design Android today, if we could start over?" It's a brand-new, Google-developed kernel running a brand-new, Google-developed SDK that uses a brand-new, Google-developed programming language and it's all geared to run Google's Material Design interface as quickly as possible. Google gets to dump Linux and the GPL, it can dump Java and the problems it caused with Oracle, and Google can basically insulate itself from all of Android's upstream projects and bring all the development in-house. Doing such a thing on the scale of Android today would be a massive project.