Dell Has No Future Because It Lacks a Public Cloud

Posted by Megalith 2:45 PM (CDT)

Tuesday May 09, 2017

Dell is a big player, but there is one big difference between the company and its competitors that could spell its downfall: the lack of a publicly oriented cloud service. Dell is well and good on that in regard to the IT front, but it hasn’t bothered to match what Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and others are providing for the general public. I am not sure what the hold-up is, but could this oversight really turn Dell into the next Unisys? Thanks to Kyle for this one.

What doesn't Dell have? A public cloud, that's what. Arguably the single biggest threat for Dell. Sure, it rules the on-premises IT roost. It is one of the four pillars of that part of the IT jungle, along with Larry Ellison's Oracle, Meg Whitman's HPE and Ginny Rometti's IBM. How can these empires ever fall? But the public cloud is colonizing the on-premises IT forest, and clear-cutting it, leaving devastation behind. Oracle knows this, and has gone into public cloud. Microsoft knows this and has gone into the public cloud with Azure. IBM knows this, and has gone into the public cloud with Softlayer. HPE knew it, but threw its public cloud away, and is now in denial.