Dash Cam Footage Captures Plane Crash and Insane Explosion

Posted by Megalith 2:10 PM (CDT)

Thursday May 04, 2017

NO! They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother. One of the perks of having a dash cam is capturing the totally unexpected, and this guy in Washington happened to get footage of a plane crash while waiting at a light. Even though the aircraft clipped power lines, hit cars, and caused a massive fireball, the pilot, who wasn’t alone, managed to escape with no injuries. This could have been extremely painful.

The pilot and passenger were able to get out and were not hurt. The Federal Aviation Administration told KIRO 7 the aircraft was a single-engine Piper PA32. It crashed immediately after taking off from Runway 16R at nearby Paine Field. The pilot said he started started losing power and couldn't restart the engine. As he began to go down, he saw that Harbour Pointe Boulevard was clear and open, and steered that direction. State Route 525 traffic was blocked in both directions but later reopened. Snohomish County PUD said about 9,000 customers lost power in the area.