NYC Teens More Interested in Video Games than Sex According to Study

Posted by cageymaru 1:06 PM (CDT)

Monday April 17, 2017

NYC teens have been trading in sexual adventures for more video game adventuring according to a Health Department study. Instead of real life "Pok-e-mon", 45.6% of teens are spending 3 hours a day with their digital avatars staring at computer screens and smartphones. The 3.9% rise from 2013 in video game consumption seems to coincide with a 4% reduction in teen sex and almost 4% reduction in teen alcohol consumption. E-cigarettes and vaping has taken off with 15.9% of teens trying the latest fad but teen smoking reduced by 2.4%. Of course city officials touted their police department initiatives with the reduction in teen smoking.

Seems like this is more of an instance where kids are given something interesting to do. If bored, kids will do whatever for entertainment. Maybe parents should plan some trips out of the city or take them to a local gym and exercise?

City health officials noted that given the ease of access to the internet and availability of mobile devices, it’s not surprising that teens are spending more time playing video games. Officials are concerned that hours of sedentary game-playing comes at the expense of healthy exercise. Meanwhile, city policies banning or discouraging smoking have helped drive down the teen smoking rate, officials said.