Teenagers Think Google Is Cool, Study by Google Finds

Posted by Megalith 10:40 AM (CDT)

Tuesday April 04, 2017

How do you do, fellow kids? In what could be a biased report, Google has found that teenagers really admire the company, putting it ahead of brands that include Nike, Facebook, Apple, and Doritos. The study is actually quite fascinating, revealing that males and females determine what is cool in different ways, and how Coke is preferred over Pepsi. It’s lit, really.

Today’s teenagers think Google and Google brands are cool, research funded by Google has found. Google published "It’s Lit: A guide to what teens think is cool", a "magazine" compiling the results of its research into Generation Z, characterized as those aged from 13 to 17. The Google-funded research found Generation Z relied on brands to "shape their world", and that Google was the third-most cool. Cool was defined by the researchers as "unique, impressive, interesting, amazing, or awesome". YouTube, which Google owns, came out at number one ahead of Netflix. Google’s web browser Chrome placed tenth, in front of Nike.