RUMOR: Kaby Lake-G Spotted with Separate GPU Chip Under the Hood

Posted by Zarathustra 1:22 PM (CDT)

Monday April 03, 2017

You may remember when we broke the news that an AMD-Intel GPU licensing deal was being considered, and later confirmed it. Well, we might be seeing early leaks of the first fruits of this endeavor.

In today's google translate rumor special (here is the original link if you are a language wiz) brings us reports of what supposedly is a Kaby Lake-G CPU, with a separate unnamed GPU chip under the hood connected using 8 PCIe lanes. At least initially, this appears to be a BGA chip for mobile applications.

The package is apparently quite large at 58.5 x 31mm, and will initially come in two variants, 100W and 65W respectively.

We don't know for sure that the GPU in question is an AMD GPU, but between the news we broke in May last year, and the fact that this GPU supposedly comes with an HBM2 memory stack, this seems to be a logical conclusion.

The Intel 7th Generation Core processor is codenamed Kaby Lake, and it has Kaby Lake-Y, Kaby Lake-U, Kaby Lake-H, Kaby Lake-S and Kaby Lake-R, the most familiar of which is the desktop computer With the Kaby Lake-S series of products; in the recent receipt of the information, we see a code-named Kaby Lake-G products appear.