Blind Street Fighter V Player Wins at Pro Tournament

Posted by cageymaru 12:30 PM (CDT)

Monday April 03, 2017

"Sven", a blind Street Fighter V player, competed at a professional tournament and won a match! Playing as Ken in the video below, Sven used left and right sound cues to track his opponent's location in the game. Then he was able to lay the smack down on his opponent Musashi. There is a post match interview also.

I would quit the professional fighting game scene if I were his opponent. Losing to a blind opponent has to be embarrassing! On the other hand, way to kick some butt Sven! And props to Capcom for making the sound in the game so good that even a person with a handicap can play!

Sven states by way of a post-game interview that he became blind as a child because of cancer, but didn't give up playing games. He heralds Street Fighter V s a milestone in sound engineering, stating that with a headset, he can hear the difference between left and right cues, and that after a lengthy period of study he has most of them down.