Deal Finder Buys Nintendo Switch from Amazon and Gets a Wii Instead

Posted by Megalith 11:00 AM (CDT)

Sunday April 02, 2017

Anybody ever get screwed over by Amazon Warehouse Deals? This guy certainly did, as he ordered a Switch and received a Wii instead. IIRC, Amazon Warehouse sells items that have been returned for a cheaper price. I would have thought that employees would actually check what was in the box before selling it again, but I guess not. Do you think Amazon would notice if I bought an HTC Vive and returned it with a View-Master?

DealSeeker2U, a user on's forums, recently ordered a Nintendo Switch from Amazon Warehouse deals for $269.99. You might note that this sucker retails for $299.99. Well anyway, he was delighted to receive his Nintendo Switch box. That's good, because that's about the only legitimate Nintendo Switch item he got. Stuffed inside was a dirty old crappy Wii, shoddily wrapped in static-free packing paper and bubble wrap. "'Inspected' my ass," says DealSeeker2U, and rightly so. "Everything was missing from the box and instead there was just a dirty Wii console."