New Microsoft Patent Allegedly Shows Foldable Surface Phone Handset

Posted by Megalith 1:40 PM (CDT)

Saturday March 25, 2017

If this patent is truly Surface Phone related, then Microsoft’s plans for the flagship device should be on par with what Samsung and LG is cooking up for future devices. I do think a foldable screen is the next big thing for phones, as it seems like a great way to have a larger display while keeping the dimensions similar.

This past week, Microsoft received a new patent for a foldable handset, and once again there are rumors that it is related to the long awaited, mythical Surface Phone. A foldable Surface Phone would face some stiff competition from Samsung and LG. The latest rumor has Samsung ready to release thousands of prototypes to carriers and retailers during the third quarter of this year, which incidentally is when the next batch of Apple iPhone units might be released. The foldable Samsung model would be an ultra-luxury device according to those in the know.