Facebook Reports BBC to Police after Requesting Sexualised Pictures of Children

Posted by Zarathustra 12:05 PM (CST)

Tuesday March 07, 2017

So, let me see if I understand what happened here. The BBC was doing a story on how Facebook removes illegal an abusive images from its network. As part of this story, they noticed that some reported images had not been removed, so they reached out to Facebook for comment. Facebook responded by requesting examples of the images they were discussing, and when they received them and realized they were "sexualized images of children" they proceeded to report the BBC to the police?

I have to admit, I find this rather amusing, and my conclusion is that it must have been some sort of miscommunication at Facebook that resulted in the issue, but child pr0n is no laughing matter, and nor is, I presume, being accused of peddling child pr0n.

As part of that investigation, the BBC claims that Facebook asked to see the pictures that were under discussion. When the BBC journalists sent them to the site, it said, Facebook reported the news organisation to the police and cancelled all of its interviews.