AMD Hopes to Break Intel Server Dominance with New 32-Core Naples Chip

Posted by Zarathustra 10:50 AM (CST)

Tuesday March 07, 2017

Infoworld has a story up today about AMD's server chief Forrest Norrod, and how he believes he can take the fight to Intel on the server front. Naples has a massive 32 cores, more PCIe lanes and greater memory capacity than Intel's counterparts, and will likely also sell at a lower cost. On the other hand, only having AVX-128 instructions as opposed to Intel's AVX-512, may hamper its abilities in some vectorized applications.

Damn, why cant I have 128 PCIe lanes on the desktop? If they can go up to 128 on the server chip, you'd think they could at least give us 40 lanes with Ryzen.

Here are a couple of videos of interest, AMD's official Naples Preview, as well as some early benchmarks:

The Naples server chips are based on the x86 architecture, but they don’t have an official name yet. AMD was once a legitimate threat to Intel, but a series of missteps killed its server business. The decline started with the heavily criticized Bulldozer architecture, and the company later bet its server future on ARM chips, but slow demand knocked the company out of servers.