Windows File History Is a Great Backup Tool in Windows 10

Posted by cageymaru 9:29 AM (CST)

Monday February 27, 2017

Microsoft has hit a home run with the Windows File History backup tool. Hardware Secrets delves into the good and the idiosyncrasies of using the tool to make file backups. The tool checks often to see how files in the monitored folders have changed and saves copies of them based on the intervals that you set. The author of the article was able to retrieve a copy of a document after deleting an important paragraph. The instructions in the article are really straight forward and even have a graphical layout for those that aren't computer savvy in your family. Time to grab an external hard drive and save your most precious memories!

You will notice that only folders can be backup up using the File History. That is by choice. File History does not back up your program files or apps. It only backs up files that change often.
File History takes snapshots of versions of your files and stores them on your backup drive. Backups of changed files are made at the interval of your choosing. This creates a library of past versions that are recoverable. This can be extremely valuable.
I recently accidentally deleted an important paragraph from a document that I was working on. When I realized my mistake, I recovered the missing paragraph from one of the versions that was saved in my File History.