Microsoft Starts Compiling First Windows 10 "Redstone 3" Builds

Posted by Megalith 1:20 PM (CST)

Thursday February 23, 2017

I guess that Windows update roadmap was legit. Microsoft has begun work on their next big update, so Fall seems like a perfectly reasonable time for Redstone 3 to be released. As hinted earlier, the update will probably include at least some level of graphical revamp to the Windows 10 user interface (NEON), along with the whole modular thing that Composable Shell will bring. We should learn more during the Build 2017 event, but it could very well be eclipsed by a surprise hardware announcement.

Microsoft is yet to officially talk about the Redstone 3 update, but the software giant confirmed that it’s working on a second update for Windows 10 in 2017 earlier this week. Windows 10 Redstone 3 is going to introduce quite a lot of things to Windows 10آ—firstly, I have been hearing for a while that Microsoft is planning to introduce Windows 10’s improved design (codenamed "Project NEON") with Redstone 3. In addition to NEON, Microsoft will also likely introduce the new Composable Shell and other features with the Redstone 3 release. We’ll definitely know more about what Microsoft plans to do with Redstone 3 at Build 2017 in May, where the company is expected to show off Project NEON along with some of the other features coming to Windows 10 with Redstone 3.