Uber Launches Self-Driving Cars in Arizona After California Ban

Posted by cageymaru 8:16 AM (CST)

Wednesday February 22, 2017

Despite being banned in California for failure to properly register their autonomous car program with the state's DMV, Uber has been wooed to Arizona by Governor Doug Ducey. The Arizona governor is a staunch supporter of autonomous vehicles and even took the first ride. This gives Uber a second geographic locale to test the cars as Pittsburgh accepted them also. If you are in Tempe, Arizona make sure that you give these self driving cars a try and let us know how your experience.

I thought Uber got banned in California for bugs such as liking bike trails more than roads and running red lights; in addition to not properly registering their cars with the DMV. I see that they have had meetings to address the sexual harassment charges levied against them and vowed to change the culture at Uber. I'm glad that the CEO addressed the issue by quickly apologizing.

Beginning Tuesday, riders who request an UberX in Tempe will be matched with a self-driving car if one is available, according to a company spokeswoman.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a proponent of self-driving cars, took the inaugural ride, the company said. Ducey wooed Uber to Arizona after its self-driving cars were banned from San Francisco’s streets in December by the California Department of Motor Vehicles after failing to register the vehicles for testing. Uber also is operating its self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh.