KasperskyOS Released after 14 Years of Development

Posted by Megalith 10:30 AM (CST)

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Over a decade in the making, anti-virus company Kaspersky is releasing its first OS, which is designed to offer tight security to Internet of Things devices and control systems. Chief executive Eugene Kaspersky stresses the fact that the operating system is wholly original and doesn’t include a single line of Linux code: the company decided to build it from the ground up for the highest security.

This is not Linux. It’s literally not Linux; there’s not a single string of Linux code in it. We designed the OS from scratch, for different applications and purposes. What matters most for Linux, Windows, macOS and the like is compatibility and universality. The developers do their utmost to popularize their solutions by oversimplifying app development and toolsets. But when it comes to our target audiences (hardware developers, SCADA systems, IoT, etc.), this approach is a no-go: What matters most here is security.