Former Engineer Says Uber Is a Nightmare of Sexism

Posted by Megalith 9:30 AM (CST)

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has ordered an investigation headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder after an ex-engineer posted a journal entry detailing her dire experiences at the ride-hailing company. Their HR department was allegedly of no help even after she submitted definitive proof of misconduct, and her managers would undermine her achievements, going so far as to alter her performance reviews. In one "bizarre" case, the company was gifting leather jackets to its engineers, but the females received none because there were not enough of them to justify the expense.

Fowler was pressured to remain under a manager who sexually harassed her, according to her account. She says HR responded by saying the company "wouldn’t feel comfortable" giving him more than a warning. She says she was then given a choice to leave her team, or continue doing her work آ— with the understanding it could result in a bad performance review from the manager who harassed her. From there, Fowler’s journey only gets bleaker. She describes a "Game of Thrones political war" among upper management in the engineering department, with managers openly trying to sabotage and conquer each other.