Broad Institute Wins Big Battle over CRISPR Gene-Editing Patent

Posted by Megalith 3:05 PM (CST)

Thursday February 16, 2017

It sounds like Harvard and MIT has triumphed, at least partially, over the University of California, Berkeley in regards to who "owns" certain aspects of CRISPR gene-editing. This is surprising because the latter party was widely credited with pioneering the concept. I am trying to wrap my head around everything, but it sounds like both parties may ultimately have ample stake in CRISPR, meaning that they are both going to get paid handsomely by companies that utilize the technique. Gene editing is supposed to be monumental for healthcare, going as far as treating any disease and genetic defect.

آ…the Broad Instituteآ—a joint venture of Harvard University and MITآ—will hold the patent for using CRISPR in human beings, other animals, and plants. Sherkow told Shots he believes Cal's patent, which has not yet been issued, could be limited to bacteria. "Obviously the patents covering the application of this technology in human cells ... are going to be much more financially valuable than using the same technology in bacteria," Sherkow says, "because one can develop drugs and other therapies from them." Investors Wednesday seemed to agree with this assessment. The value of companies that were spun off to license the Broad patents rose sharply, while the company based on the Berkeley patent lost value.