Proof-of-Concept Ransomware to Poison the Water Supply

Posted by Kyle 11:13 AM (CST)

Wednesday February 15, 2017

This is our happy feel-good story of the day to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside during your lunch break. It seems that digital bandits are becoming much more to worry about than digital terror, hopefully. Given that we are seeing more and more stories of this nature having real world impacts, I hope all the [H]Admins are on top of their game.

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology painted one picture this week, presenting their exploration of how ransomware could potentially attack industrial control systems (ICS), and demonstrating how new malware threats might target core infrastructure, holding entire cities hostage.

Ransomware attacks against water treatment systems aren’t happening yet. It’s important to note that what the researchers achieved was just a simulation, not a real world exercise. But by painting a worrying picture of a potential future, they may have helped raise awareness amongst those who protect critical infrastructure to take the threat seriously.