Valve is Developing Three Full Games for VR

Posted by cageymaru 8:03 AM (CST)

Friday February 10, 2017

Eurogamer covered a media event at the Valve offices where Gabe Newell announced that Valve is ready to start creating new software to go with the VR hardware that they have released. He goes on to announce that Valve is developing three full games; not experiments for VR. These games will utilize Source 2 and Unity for game engines.

Mr. Newell desires to create the best premium VR experience that brings in an audience because it can't be done elsewhere. Premium VR is what the industry needs to show consumers that there is more to gaming than just a mouse and keyboard. He believes that VR should talk in a new language of inputs and experiences. Consumers aren't interested in buying a HMD to watch a movie in VR or play the same exact game that they already beat in VR. He also predicted that VR displays will far exceed the desktop and phone markets in resolution and refresh rate by 2019.

"If you took the existing VR systems and made them 80 per cent cheaper there's still not a huge market, right? There's still not an incredibly compelling reason for people to spend 20 hours a day in VR," Newell stated. "Once you've got something, the thing that really causes millions of people to be excited about it, then you start worrying about cost reducing. It's sort of the old joke that premature cost reduction is the root of all evil."