Microsoft Brings Picture-In-Picture to Windows 10 with Latest Insider Build

Posted by Megalith 7:20 AM (CST)

Thursday February 09, 2017

Windows 10 Insider Build 15031 for PC has been released, and it comes with a notable feature dubbed "Compact Overlay"آ—which is basically Microsoft’s fancy name for picture-in-picture mode. Call me easy to please, but I am excited about this one if only for running Netflix on my main display without snapping and losing significant workspace. Others of you with multi-monitor setups may be less enthused, but for me, it beats turning my head and having video displayed in a portrait setup. I should also note that Build 15031 is feature complete; it is probably your most comprehensive look at what the Creator’s Update is going to bring in April.

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10, 15031, to Insiders and there are a couple of new features in this release. This release is only for desktop users and there is no word on when this will come to mobile. Microsoft is calling its new Picture-in-Picture feature a compact overlay which allows you to continue to watch a movie or video chat while working on other content. When an app enters compact overlay mode, it will be shown above all other windows and will not get blocked; the first apps to take advantage of this feature will be Skype Preview and Movies & TV. Dynamic lock, a feature that had shown up in previous builds is now functioning. This feature will lock your Windows 10 PC when you are not around the device by using Bluetooth as the proximity detector; your PC will lock after 30 seconds of you being out of range.