Microsoft Working on New "Andromeda" Desktop Experience for Windows 10 Devices

Posted by Megalith 7:25 AM (CST)

Tuesday February 07, 2017

Not to be confused with Google’s upcoming Android OS (which has the same exact codenameآ—these guys know that there are other galaxies other than Andromeda, right...), Microsoft is working on unifying the Windows 10 experience with a new interface that is expected to make the OS feel a lot more seamless as you cross from desktops to mobiles and vice versa. If you take a look at the end of the article, you will find out that this is actually a part of a larger initiative dubbed Composable Shell. You have heard of modular web design, right? I think CS is the same exact concept, but for the Windows UI.

آ…though Microsoft has been calling Windows 10 a truly universal OS ("OneCore"), that theortically is not really the case. Windows 10 devices have the universal OneCore, but Microsoft still has different shells that the company uses for Windows 10 devices, including mobile devices, the HoloLens, Xbox, IoT, and PCs. Mobile devices, for example, have a shell which is being used by devices such as the HoloLens and devices powered by Windows 10 IoT Core. But with Andromeda, Microsoft is bringing a new desktop experience to Windows 10 آ— which, in turn, is expected to bring significant improvements to Continuum for phones in Windows 10. This new desktop experience will bring things like multi-window support to Continuum, a full-featured taskbar, toast notifications, and an updated Action Center, along with a user-interface that looks almost exactly like the desktop in Windows 10 PCs.