Nearly 10 Percent of Resident Evil 7 Players Play in VR

Posted by Zarathustra 2:09 PM (CST)

Monday January 30, 2017

The eagle eyed guys over at IGN have been peering through the Resident Evil 7 stats over on and noticed that almost 10% of all Resident Evil 7 players play in VR. As the IGN folks noted, that's a lot of soiled undies.

Personally, I have been waiting for some real AAA titles to get their feet wet with VR and for the tech to really take off before I take the plunge. As of right now VR in Resident Evil 7 is only for PS4 players, but if this trend continues on the PC platform, count me in!

Given that PlayStation 4 is currently the only platform that offers VR support for Resident Evil 7 - and considering that the nascent VR market still has a relatively small audience - the fact that 87,000 players have used VR for Resident Evil is a significant milestone for the technology's adoption.