Gaming Hardware Needs to Grow Up

Posted by Zarathustra 11:21 PM (CST)

Sunday January 29, 2017

Tuan Nguyen, the Editor and Chief of Maximum PC, has an editorial up on PC Gamer in which he argues that the PC gaming hardware industry has gone overboard with excessive RGB lighting, large colorful non-functional heat sinks, and many other aesthetic touches.

I can't help but agree with him. I'm all for a variety of design styles for everyone's tastes, but when I can't find a gaming mouse that doesn't remind me of an enemy starship from Star Trek, I have to agree that things might just have gone too far. Gaming has come a long way since the days it was thought of as something strictly for children. Why then do our gaming devices all look like they are designed for the aesthetic tastes of thirteen year olds? What do you guys think?

Admittedly there are folks who light up their rigs tastefully, and they do look great. But when did insane designs and RGB equate to gaming? Are manufacturers telling us that in order to perform well in a game we have to have RGB lighting and that whatever products we buy have to have fins and jagged edges? Why can't a gaming product be simple, effective, and perform well? Does the computer case I use need to have flaps, fins and bulges to convey that the size of my "e-peen" is substantial? Does RGB lighting deliver a higher chance of a stable overclock? Give me a break.