What Happens When Apple Finds A Child Making Your iPhone

Posted by Megalith 8:22 AM (CST)

Tuesday January 24, 2017

"You’re building it wrong, kiddo!" Okay, noآ—what really happens is that Apple will not only pay for their education, but also their wages until they graduate from school. Aside from the obvious public relations angle, the point is to get kids back on the right track and convince suppliers to only hire those of working age. Unfortunately, this is one of those plans that looks better on paper, as many of these children would rather make cash now than go read books. And then there are those who aren’t discovered until it is too late. (I just realized this is a pretty old article, but those of you who haven't seen it may find it interesting.)

آ…Asia remains the world leader in child laborآ—though there as in other regions, the phenomenon is declining, thanks to industrialization. (Of the one in 10 children around the world who work, most are subsistence farmers.) In Apple’s most public child-labor incidentآ—and the only one to date where it has named and shamed its supplierآ—auditors discovered in 2012 that a company called Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics had hired 74 underage workers after a labor agency, Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources, helped families forge proof-of-age documents for their children. Apple terminated its contract with the supplier, and made the company return the children to their families, as well as offering them its remediation program. Apple publicized the case, seeing an opportunity to warn suppliers, improve its public image, and ding competitors.