Razer Launches BlackWidow Keyboard With 16.8 Million Colors

Posted by Megalith 11:02 AM (CST)

Tuesday January 24, 2017

While I am not in the market for a new keyboard any time soon, this announcement does give me an opportunity to ask you guys whether color customization plays a part in your buying decisions. I’m the guy who wishes that gaming companies would settle down with their loud colors and designs, so you probably know where I stand on something like chromatic features. Anyway, the BlackWidow is a keyboard that most are familiar with, at least by name, and Razer’s latest version includes a new switch that is designed to be silent and lasts for 80 million keystrokes.

آ…Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboards have become the world’s most popular gaming keyboard, particularly among professional gamers, the company said. Razer began manufacturing its own mechanical switches in 2014 آ– the Razer Green and Razer Orange switch. Those switches optimize actuation and reset responsiveness. The Razer BlackWidow V2 adds a new alternative, the Razer Yellow switch. Its linear and silent design allows keys to be pressed faster than ever before. The new switch’s feel and properties are meant for FPS and MOBA players who press certain keys thousands of times over the course of a match.