It's Time To Embrace Wireless Gaming Mice

Posted by Megalith 7:24 AM (CST)

Tuesday January 24, 2017

My Logitech G502 still treats me well, but after a desk upgrade that has pushed my tower away, I am seriously considering delving into a wireless mouse again. Coincidentally, here is an article that not only encourages that idea but also recommends what I had my eye on, a G900. The author suggests that wireless mice are better than ever, coming in at lighter weights and offering response times comparable or even equal to wired varieties. Now, there is still that pesky issue of keeping it chargedآ—but that inconvenience doesn’t outweigh the benefits, does it?

It's time for PC gamers to embrace wireless. If you haven't followed wireless mice in recent years, this might sound crazy. But believe me: things are so much better than they used to be. The G900's wireless signal is strong enough to punch through a LAN party without interference, and it supports the same 1 ms response time as any wired gaming mouse. I literally can't tell the differenceآ—except that I'm free from the weight and distraction of a cable. You almost don't notice, at first, but when you go back, suddenly being tethered feels so old-fashioned. Usually the cable is no problem, but when desk clutter builds up or a kink works its way into the line, that cable can tug your mouse somewhere you don't want it to go. Wireless is so freeing.