Resident Evil 7 Errors, Crashes, Performance, FPS, Sound, Bugs and Related Problems

Posted by Zarathustra 12:01 PM (CST)

Monday January 23, 2017

As a sign of the times, I think we've all become used to various bugs and other problems in games on launch day. Resident Evil 7 may not even be out yet, but SegmentNext already has a list of the top 8 issues they have been having, and how to fix them. They also state it is a work in progress, and will be adding to it as needed.

So, if you are a fan of the series, and can't make yourself wait until Capcom gets around to patching everything, head on over there for some good suggestions on how to work around some common problems.

I wish we could just go back to the good old days of games being fully functional at launch.

The game will be available on PC along with other platforms and as far as PC version is concerned, it's not a bad one. Performance wise, the game works great and most of you are expected to have a smooth experience. However, it's a PC game so yes, there are going to be issues due to the diversity of this platform. So if you are facing any Resident Evil 7 errors or any other issues, feel free to browse through the following issues and their possible fixes/workarounds.