15% Of U.S. Broadband Households Have Antenna-Only TV Service

Posted by Megalith 3:43 PM (CST)

Sunday January 22, 2017

Are some people actually going back to over-the-air TV? That is what this study could imply. Broadband-only households with antenna-only TV service have risen from around 8% in 2013 to 15%. Pay-TV subscriptions, on the other hand, continue to decline, which, aside from basic lack of interest, can obviously be attributed to over-the-top services such as Netflix and Amazon Video.

Parks Associates notes declining pay-TV satisfaction in each of the last three years. Only one-third of pay-TV subscribers are very satisfied with their pay-TV service. According to Parks Associates' OTT Video Market Tracker, 63% of U.S. broadband households subscribe to at least one OTT service and 31% of U.S. broadband households have multiple OTT service subscriptions. "Pay-TV providers are adapting to address a fundamentally different video services market than existed three years ago. Challenges still remain for consumers in aggregating and discovering their favorite content and being able to watch on their preferred screen. Live broadcasts of high-profile events remain a challenge for online delivery, though pay TV and broadcast TV conquered live distribution long ago," Sappington said. "These challenges represent areas in which pay-TV providers, or new entrants, can still win consumer attention, viewership, and revenue."