Apple To Offer 32GB Of Desktop RAM In Top-End 2017 MacBook Pro

Posted by Megalith 12:11 PM (CST)

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Rumors are swirling that Apple may actually cater to the needs of professionals and give their upcoming MacBook Pro units a much-requested memory upgrade. Now they just need to get rid of the OLED touch bar and bring back the function keys (which probably won't happen, as that would be clearly admitting mistake).

In order to achieve high memory allotments and keep unplugged battery life performance on par with existing MacBook Pro models, Apple will need to move to an emerging memory technology like LPDDR4 or DDR4L. Such hardware is on track for release later this year. Beyond the high-end 15-inch model, Kuo expects Apple to start production of new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros in the third quarter of 2017. As for the 12-inch MacBook, Kuo believes next-generation versions of the thin-and-light will enter mass production in the second quarter with the same basic design aesthetic introduced in 2015. New for 2017 is a 16GB memory option that will make an appearance thanks to Intel's new processor class.