Hands-On: KwikVR Wireless Kit For Rift And Vive

Posted by Megalith 9:18 AM (CST)

Sunday January 08, 2017

KwikVR is one of the third-party wireless solutions that is coming out for the Rift and Vive, but it doesn’t sound like it will be a worthwhile buy due to its 12ms latency, which this author claims is definitely noticeable. The other solution, from TPCAST, claims 2ms and should offer a far better experience.

In the first few minutes I didn’t notice any difference between this kit and using the Vive when tethered, but as I got used to the system I began to spot the ever so slight moment in which the screen would have to catch up with where I’m looking. Scalable says KwikVR offers under 12 milliseconds of latency on top of the delay already on the Vive, which won’t be decreased for the final release. That might sound like a tiny amount of time, but it’s just enough to notice the screen lagging behind you as you finish a head movement. Once you realize it’s there, it quickly becomes agitating, though not necessarily destructive. The TPCAST solution for Vive claims less than 2 milliseconds, by comparison.