Dolby Executive Indicates Brightness Is Next TV Tech Battleground

Posted by Megalith 1:11 PM (CST)

Sunday January 08, 2017

Am I the only one who doesn’t care how bright a display is, particularly a TV? Now that I have an OLED, I always watch movies and game with the lights offآ—and even with the brightness and "backlight" dialed down, bright scenes still often feel blinding.

Dolby’s Vice President of Technology, Patrick Giffis, said that he expects television manufacturers to now start competing with one another to produce the brightest displays. Although the current standard that needs to be reached for Ultra HD Premium's HDR specification is 1,000 nits (where one nit is equal to the amount of light a candle produces), Giffis believes television manufacturers will soon go much higher. "Have no doubt about it, the nits race is on. It will be 2,000 nit displays, and I suspect before too long, 4,000 nit consumer displays," he said.