Star Trek Fan Film Isn't Protected By Fair Use, Rules US Judge

Posted by Megalith 3:43 PM (CST)

Saturday January 07, 2017

The case against Axanar is now going to trial after a judge ruled against the idea of the film falling under fair use. The jury is ultimately going to decide its fate by determining whether or not it is "substantially similar to Star Trek." آ…let’s hope most of them are Trekkies who have taken a strong liking to unofficial productions.

A US District Court Judge has sided with Paramount and CBS in a copyright lawsuit involving the Star Trek fan film Axanar, which had raised over a million dollars via crowdfunding. The filmmakers had argued that Paramount’s lawsuit was premature because the film hadn’t been created yet, and that they could proceed because Axanar fell under fair use. The court rejected both claims, but did allow the case to proceed with a jury to determine whether or not the project was substantially similar to the original Star Trek series.