AMD: Zen CPU Architecture Expected To Last Four Years

Posted by Megalith 4:06 PM (CST)

Saturday January 07, 2017

Par for the course, AMD’s newest architecture will mirror the longevity of previous generations and stick it out for four years. The higher-ups would also have you know that Ryzen will be available on day oneآ—no paper launch.

When asked how long Zen would last, compared to Intel’s two-year tick-tock cadence, Papermaster confirmed the four-year lifespan and tapped the table in front of him: "We’re not going tick-tock," he said. "Zen is going to be tock, tock, tock." Intel’s tick-tock cadence has typically meant that it develops a new microarchitecture every two years, with Kaby Lake the exception. Though AMD has never taken the time to formalize it, a three- to four-year lifespan for its own CPU architectures is about average.