2016 Sees Internet Explorer Usage Collapse, Chrome Surge

Posted by Megalith 2:47 PM (CST)

Saturday January 07, 2017

Considering that Internet Explorer is now barely relevant, would you have believed that it was still the most popular browser at this same time last year? Unfortunately, its successor is struggling to continue whatever legacy IE had in the past.

آ…Edge is going to continue to pick up features and become a more rounded option, while Firefox is going to round out its multiprocess implementation to give it much needed parity. Still, it's hard to see how either browser is going to make inroads into Chrome's share. Chrome currently offers the best mix of features, security, and reliability. Combined with Google's continued promotional powerآ—visit in other browsers and you'll still be asked if you want to try Chromeآ—it's a challenge for the others to win new users. And the continued migration to Windows 10 is only going to speed Internet Explorer's decline.