If A Self-Driving Car Kills A Pedestrian, Who Is At Fault?

Posted by HardOCP News 1:46 PM (CST)

Tuesday December 27, 2016

I predict that this is THE issue that is going to keep self-driving cars off the road for a long time. Who is at fault in a minor accident? If I wasn't driving, or even in the driver seat, how can I be at fault if my car ran someone over. Is my insurance going to cover an accident caused by a bad sensor? So on and so forth.

And, if we’re talking about fully autonomous vehicles, we’re also talking about some infrastructure that allows them to operate. It’s not going to just be the car, it’s also going to be all the broader systems within the city that allow the car to navigate. So [we could] see accidents where the blame is really on the public infrastructure that did not allow the car to make a correct decision.