No, AMD Loyalists Aren't Abandoning Radeon Graphics Cards

Posted by Megalith 1:03 PM (CST)

Saturday December 24, 2016

In a rebuke to another article claiming that loyalty to AMD’s GPU product among AMD CPU buyers is decreasing, this author suggests that everyone is merely waiting for Ryzen and Vega products.

A recent post by Parsec, a cloud game streaming company, titled "The Loyalty To AMD’s GPU Product Among AMD CPU Buyers Is Decreasing." Parsec pulls an abundance of data from PCPartPicker builds to show that AMD CPU sales have declined precipitously over the past six months, and the number of AMD CPU buyers who also bought Radeon graphics cards dropped as well. Go ahead and read Parsec’s post if you want to see the raw numbers. But you don’t really need to, because while the raw numbers may suggest AMD loyalty is on the decline, crucial context that’s lacking whatsoever from Parsec’s article reveals that the supposed truth isn’t quite so crystal clear.