FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Departure Is Death Knell For Net Neutrality

Posted by Megalith 1:30 PM (CST)

Sunday December 18, 2016

Wheeler has announced that he will be leaving the FCC in January, and it is predicted that net neutrality will die with his departure. The President-Elect is no fan of it and will likely appoint a successor that will roll it all back.

Wheeler’s departure likely spells the end of network neutrality, a set of rules the FCC adopted under Wheeler’s leadership in 2015 which prevent internet providers like Comcast* and Verizon from charging websites like Netflix and Twitter a fee to reach internet users at faster speeds. Without network neutrality, smaller or new online businesses that can’t afford to pay for a faster service tier آ— especially if websites that are already extremely profitable, like Facebook, get to set the price آ— would load slower, likely causing users to navigate away to a faster-loading site.