Your Body Is Not Ready For Virtual Reality

Posted by HardOCP News 11:31 AM (CST)

Tuesday December 13, 2016

Had the author of this article gone over any of our VR performance articles, she would know the importance of having a GPU that can produce a solid 90fps, not just running any ol' video card claiming a "premium" VR experience. So, to be more accurate, it's not that your body isn't ready for VR, it's your hardware that needs to be up to snuff.

The only problem is that this virtual promised land isn’t as ready as gamers would like it to be. It doesn’t matter how rarely you get motion sickness in the real world, the virtual one is an inescapable assault on the human body. Its successes come from tricking the mind and confounding the eyes. But our bodies can perceive the unnatural state of virtual worlds, and when they do they try to protect us, manifesting a feeling of wrongness that makes us feel sick. The problem lies in the VR technology itself. It’s just not good enough to make our bodies believe.