Apple Having Trouble Syncing Audio Between Wireless Airpods

Posted by Megalith 3:28 PM (CST)

Saturday December 10, 2016

I have no clue why Apple unveiled these in September; it’s December and the engineers are still trying to figure them outآ—heck, they don’t even know what to do if one of the pods ran out of juice. To the great disappointment of their marketing department, they definitely will not make it for Christmas.

آ…Apple's stumbling block is the wireless connectivity between the left and right parts. Unlike with most headphones, Apple's AirPods are completely wireless, with each earpiece unattached to the other. This requires the two parts to stay in sync, otherwise stereo sound would become disorienting. In addition, the same person reportedly said that beyond audio sync issues, Apple is also still working out what to do when a user loses one of the AirPods, or if the battery dies in just one of the units. First announced alongside the iPhone 7 in September, Apple's AirPods were originally due to launch in October. But Apple missed that launch window, and has since said that the headphones will debut later this year.