Why Are Dinosaurs Everywhere In VR?

Posted by HardOCP News 7:55 AM (CST)

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Why are dinosaurs everywhere in VR? Because they are cool? Because you can't just go to a zoo and see one? They are massive and are fun to "see" in VR? I mean, it's not like you can go to a museum and fight off a pack of dinosaurs in an open field. I could go on all day.

When done right, VR's ability to convey presence -- the feeling of actually being somewhere -- is unrivaled by any other medium. Nowhere is that more apparent than when you're craning your neck to take in the size of the zebra-striped brachiosaur lumbering through a tar pit in Crytek's Robinson: The Journey. Same goes for ducking under a bellowing tyrannosaur stomping through a museum hall in an Oculus tech demo. Some 65 million years later, developers love to resurrect nature's most fearsome creatures in VR. But why?