Huawei Dethrones Samsung As Most Profitable Android Smartphone Brand

Posted by Megalith 9:30 AM (CST)

Sunday November 27, 2016

While Apple is still in first place, Huawei has displaced Samsung as the second most profitable smartphone provider in the world. The gap is pretty crazy, with the fruit company earning 8.5 billion to Huawei’s paltry-in-comparison .2 billion.

The Shenzhen-based company had a 2.4 per cent share of the global smartphone operating profits in the third quarter, behind US technology giant Apple’s dominant 91 per cent share. "It also became the world’s most profitable Android smartphone vendor for the first time," Strategy Analytics executive director Neil Mawston told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday. "We expect Huawei to maintain steady profitability into the first half of 2017, because its smartphone shipments are growing and it is doing a good job of controlling [operating] costs."