Amazon Institutes Cap On Product Reviews

Posted by Megalith 10:49 AM (CST)

Sunday November 27, 2016

If you’re not a verified purchaser, you are restricted to five reviews a week now (unless it’s a book). I feel like this should have gone into effect years ago, since it seems like an obvious way to curb review spam.

آ…if you write a review for an item you didn't buy from Amazon, then your review might not be posted. Users can post reviews on as many items purchased from Amazon as they like but can only post "a limited number of non-Amazon Verified Purchase reviews" each week. According to the relevant page on, users "can submit 5 non-Amazon Verified Purchase reviews each week". And no, the new policy does not apply to book reviews. This new policy follows only a few weeks after Amazon banned manufacturers from giving away samples in exchange for reviews. That activity is now restricted to the Amazon Vine program, where Amazon can collect coop fees from the manufacturers.