The Last Of Us 2 Announcement Could Be Coming Very Soon

Posted by Megalith 5:00 PM (CST)

Saturday November 26, 2016

The Last of Us sequel will surely look and sound great, but I’m getting tired of developers who are more interested in making movies than an actual video game. These guys rubbed me the wrong way after what they did to Uncharted; they were so desperate to make an emotionally compelling narrative that they diluted the franchise’s action gameplay and awe through discovery.

"Shinobi602" who’s famous for leaking or confirming leaks about impending videogame announcements, on the gaming forum NeoGaf, has once again come into the spotlight after he quoted a fan-made "The Last of Us 2 confirmed" image and said these cryptic words آ– "The announcement might be closer than you think". This might suggest that we might get to see the game in action before E3 2017. Sony has a PlayStation Experience event coming up in December and what better way to kickstart it than announcing one of the most anticipated games in the form of The Last of Us 2.