Apple Faces Decade Of Uncertainty After Next Year’s iPhone

Posted by Megalith 1:17 PM (CST)

Saturday November 26, 2016

Analysts think that a lack of innovation and increasing competition from Google and Amazon’s phone, video-streaming, and augmented-reality services will result in a "decade-long malaise" for Apple. I wonder when the Apple Surface is coming outآ…

آ…Uerkwitz believes next year’s iPhone cycle will present "one last growth hurrah" before consumers begin to drift away from the high prices Apple commands for it smartphones. Apple may struggle to raise iPhone prices meaningfully beyond the next cycle as it deals with fewer hardware breakthroughs and a narrowing performance gap between the iPhone and its closest premium-tier competitors, Uerkwitz wrote. "The risks to the company have never been greater," said Uerkwitz, who has a perform rating on the stock. "We believe Apple is about to embark on a decade-long malaise."