Reply All FAIL of the Day

Posted by HardOCP News 8:58 AM (CST)

Monday November 14, 2016

We've all done it at some point in our lives, accidentally hitting the "reply all" button but this guy has probably set a record. The story claims that, including the initial 1.3 million e-mail originally sent, the grand total of replies and request to be taken off the list drove the e-mail total to 186 million from one "reply all" message. Whoops.

On Monday, NHS staff complained on Twitter about a "test email" sent by an IT contractor at Croydon NHS to everyone in the organisation, as well as replies to all in response to the message, leading to claims that the entire email system had crashed. One health service statistician estimated that at least 186m emails, including replies to all asking to be taken off the distribution list, had been sent, clogging up people’s inboxes. NHS digital said 840,000 accounts were affected.