Google Search To Rank Sites According To Their Mobile Versions

Posted by Megalith 4:58 PM (CST)

Sunday November 06, 2016

Following the decision to show different search results to desktop users, site ranking will now be based on the quality of mobile versions of sites. Those of you with responsive templates are probably fine, but sites with unique desktop and mobile versions will probably need some tinkering.

Google says that it has "begun experiments to make [its] index mobile-first", and it's a move that essentially says that mobile searchers are more important than the rest. In light of the recent splitting of mobile and desktop indexing, the announcement is hardly a bolt out of the blue, but it's still something that many site owners will need to take action about. While the change has just been announced, Google says that it will be gradually introduced over the coming months. Ranking algorithms will ultimately look to the mobile index to determine how results should be ordered, Google says desktop users are not going to be abandoned.